5 Things you Should be Doing to get your Marketing Ready for a New Year

It’s the first week of the new year, and it’s time for talk of New Year’s Resolutions, new beginnings, and fresh starts. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. It’s also a great time to do a quick checkup on your social media accounts to make sure they’re exactly where they need to be for maximum success. Every single one of these takes just a few minutes, but can have a big impact on safety and performance.

Look at your Page Admins

Take a peek at your social media accounts to assure that the people who have access to your Facebook Page, Meta Business Manager, Instagram Account, LinkedIn Company Page, and more are secure. It’s a great time to look at the admin list and be sure they still work for you, should manage your pages, and have the proper access. Simply removing an Admin from your Facebook Page is not enough – take a peek at https://business.facebook.com and be sure that all of the people with access still should. Checking Page Roles is essential.

Check your Facebook Ad Account

If you had a Facebook Ad disapproved, the best course of action is to delete it altogether. If you’ve got several disapproved ads in your Facebook/Instagram ad account, they count against the business as a whole. Deleting them takes this away.

Get your Analytics Starting Point

Keeping score is the way you know whether or not you win the game. Using the free tools provided by every social media platform – whether that is LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and more – can help you make smart decisions about your success. We are going to address analytics in several ways in our upcoming DIY Marketing for Small Business online class… stay tuned!

Make a note of your number of followers, the reach of your highest performing post, the percentage of your engagement to the number of total followers, and the number of views on your lowest and highest viewed videos. It is also a great idea to do this for Google Analytics for your website, and for your Google Search Rankings.

Develop Monthly Marketing Themes

Content creation doesn’t have to be rocket science, nor does it need to be simply based on what is happening live in your business. Pick a monthly theme and develop your content around that. Is it a product every month? A different service? Something that you want to teach your customers? Write it down and let it be a starting point when the content isn’t flowing.

Set some Marketing Goals

Marketing needs measurable goals – goals that you can celebrate when you achieve them! With my clients we set measurable goals together for each quarter. At the end of the quarter, we meet to celebrate wins and course correct for any goals that were not achieved. These goals can be based on social media, search rankings, event attendees, direct mail responses, number of campaigns or promotions, email open rates, and more. Just be sure that they are specific, and have a number tied to them. For example, the goal of “increase brand awareness” is not able to be specifically celebrated. But “increase Instagram followers from 500 to 1,000” is.

With some simple steps, you’re going to be going strong into the New Year. And as always, our team is here to help. The first step? Set up a 30-minute audit of your marketing so we can get some starting points on the table. Small businesses are our passion, and our number one goal with every marketing strategy is simple: make more profit for the business. Contact us today info@paisleymarketing.com to set up a time with our team.