A Mobile Friendly Website Will Boost Your Business

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A Mobile Friendly Website Will Boost Your Business

Every Wednesday, we’re going to dive into websites — the digital fingerprint of your company. Our resident website guru Kim is going to drop some knowledge on us every week! This week’s website tip is one that could not be more important to the success of your website: ensuring it is mobile friendly.This is the first thing that I look at when I dive into a new website that isn’t producing results. Quite often it’s a diagnosis that is causing a lot of symptoms.

A website that is mobile friendly not only reaches the majority of your visitors but is also one of the criteria that Google uses to determine how high you place in the search rankings. Some questions to ask yourself:

❓ Is the text easy to read on your phone? Do you have to zoom in to read it?
❓ Do the menus and drop-downs function without having to zoom in?
❓ Are images sized properly on the page?
❓ Are links working on phones? Does the user know where to click?
❓ Are buttons like “Call Now” and “Book Now” working on phones?
❓ Are social media links opening directly in their corresponding app, or are they making the user log in again?

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